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Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection

Are your water bills slowly getting higher every month? Do you think you may have a water leak?

Don’t start tearing up walls or digging in your floors to find a leak. That will get expensive, especially if you don’t find the leak right away.

We are offering electronic leak detection in the Carlsbad, CA area. With the equipment for our electronic leak detection service, the Equipment will do all the locating of the leak without doing additional damage.

Why damage walls, ceilings, or floors when an electronic leak detection kit does all the work for you?

Through a combination of amplifying sound and using electric currents, we are able to locate where a leak is so a repair can be made.

The benefits:

  • Minimal waste – Stop large volumes of wasted water
  • Quickly – Hours to find the leak instead of days
  • Precision – The exact spot to repair
  • Cost-effective – Saves money

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