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Electronic Leak Detection

To check for leaks behind walls our plumbers use an electronic leak detector. It is sensitive to sound that comes from pipe systems. Even a small leak can cause cracks in the slab and damage. With the current technology and understanding of how they work and the knowledge of what is happening out of sight, a leak can be detected long before the homeowner is aware and avoiding costly plumbing repairs in their home.

Copper Re-Pipes

Copper piping is durable, and the material is lightweight and sturdy. Copper helps to deter bacterial growth in your homes water supply keeping the water clean. The piping is not made of synthetic material that will become problematic as it ages. It is non-toxic and lead-free. It may be time to replace your galvanized pipes if: You can’t run two faucets at the same time, water pressure is low, shower goes from hot to cold, water is orange or rusty, or have frequent pipe leaks.

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are important to repair as soon as possible. Slab leaks do a lot more than waste water. They can lead to moldy carpet, warped hardwood floors and so much more. The repair from water damage and the restoration costs would be so much more. If you ignore this water leak long enough the leak will result in erosion and lead to major structural damage.

Water Heater

If you start to experience issues with your water heater most home owners are wondering if it can be repaired or do you need a new one. The best choice to replace the water heater would be if the water heater is 10 years old or older, the tank is leaking, the unit fails to heat water, the hot water has a rusty color, or if the unit is making strange noises. Our expert plumbers always use quality materials and get the job done right.

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Client Says

Mark Haugen of Haugen Plumbing Inc was terrific on a job he did for us last month. He replaced all our shower / tub fixtures in numerous bathrooms which included working with ceramic valves, customized hardware and tiles. He replaced a sink, and performed other more standard plumbing repairs. He was on time, efficient, personable, reasonably priced and has great connections with suppliers. I will definitely call him again for any of my plumbing needs.

C. Malin Rancho Santa Fe, Ca, Designation

This goes out to all of my Clients, FB Friends and Realtor Partners. If you ever need a true Professional Plumbing Company to call during an emergency or just to give a quote on a project please call MARK HAUGEN, Founder and Owner of Haugen Plumbing 951.506.0242. Serving Residential and Commercial property in SW Riverside and North County SD. Mark came to our Families rescue when our Hot Water flooded exposing a homeowner’s worse nightmare "MOLD" and lots of more damage. He took charge and within minutes if not seconds called the water heater company contacted his book of professional’s to help. Mark Haugen is a “Pillar" of what true customer service is. 1. RELIABILITY 2. RESPONSIVENESS 3. ASSURANCE 4. EMPATHY 5. TANGIBLES (Author Scott McKain – “What Customers Really Want”). Thank you Mark Haugen!

Jim and Kim Meeker Designation

I wanted to express my gratitude for the services you provided. I was amazed with your customer service and flexibility. As you know this is not the first time I have used Haugen Plumbing Inc. I was in a pinch getting the property ready to rent and you came to the rescue, completed all the requests without disrupting other work being completed in the property. The work you performed exceeded my expectations, as you have in the past. The tenant was able to move in on the planned date and complimented the work you had done. I will continue to use you for all my plumbing services and have recommended your services to friends and colleagues.

Greg Tucker San Diego, Ca Designation

When you really need a plumber, especially a really good one, who do you call? For me, there has only been one guy the last 20+ years... Mark Haugen has been that guy. He has unbeatable skills in his trade. Additionally, Mark has impeccable character, patience, sense of humor and a great spirit. I'm proud and honored to call him my friend and my plumber!

Mike C. Encinitas, Ca, Designation


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